Amy M. Hawes | Can Politics and Sanity Be Friends?
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Can Politics and Sanity Be Friends?

Have you ever been in a situation when your downward momentum has scary control over your physical safety? Maybe you were a little kid on a tricycle barreling down a hill and couldn’t figure out how to use the brakes in time? Or perhaps you were skiing, trying to keep up with your expert friends and it’s only your second time on the slopes?


Imagine, however you can, that crazy out-of-control, speeding towards disaster, how do I stop this thing feeling. That’s the sensation I get when I start listening to political discussions, especially this election season! My optimism gets hijacked and accelerated at the speed of light to the destination I like least in the universe: land of the pessimists. What to do?


Not listening to the news, political or otherwise, is always an option. But if the only way I can stay true to myself is to cloister away from the rest of society, what’s the point of my good attitude? It’s as flimsy as those paper-thin flip-flops you get after a manicure, unable to survive the simple challenge of walking on a concrete surface.


However, I discovered that when I follow my dose of politics with a chaser of spa music it stops the pessimism from converting into solid form. Instead of having to chop it apart with icepicks and axes, I can simply pour it off with little effort. My metaphorical glass has room to be refilled with optimism. Several minutes of spa music or listening to a comedy skit, replaces the lost happy feelings like an IV of saline to a dehydrated patient. (I’m wondering if that was one metaphor too many! Oh well, it’s staying!)


I want to keep myself abreast on world events and politics. I also find the current political situation in the United States and the United Kingdom utterly fascinating. I don’t want to live in isolation from the rest of the world. Yet, I want to maintain my balance. For me, that means a recipe of equal portions news, spa music, and comedy. If someone made a recording of what I listen to in the course of an hour it would sound like I had a multiple-personality disorder. But I do whatever I have to to remain sane and keep my optimism from vaulting into the abyss!

  • Ron

    Love the flip flop analogy 🙂

    July 17, 2016 at 1:27 pm
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